Monday, March 31, 2008

Hearts & Blanket

Hearts for my hun... felted and a bit of fun!!

The Blanket started about 2 months ago now. this is a picture of it after a few days... it is considerably bigger now... more photos to come

Sock monsters

Yep.. I've been experimenting with sock monsters too.... hee hee

They are so easy to do and very addictive... the only thing was that I normally have black socks, so I had to go out an buy colourful ones!!!

Back... again

This needs some serious updating, so be prepared.....

Lily's Unicorn is finished... she called her Sheila!

& I made her a Faerie... called well... Faerie

Finally I have made myself something.... Fetching gloves which are so soft and have had some serious use this winter, so I'm really glad I put the time into them

ooh and this is Jack.. a pressie for Glenn. I even made up the pattern myself!! So cool.. the children wanted one too, so when I get round to it I'll have to do another one