Tuesday, April 01, 2008

So whats happening...

Well I've been up to lots recently... started bead work again and made some lovely jewellery, charms mainly for Mum and MIL, which went down well as Mothers day presents.. sadly just realised that I did not get photos... silly Kellie. They were lampwork hearts with pretty flower designs within the glass and contrasting beads. I've got into the wire work with scrolls at the bottom of beads and like the idea of a collection of crystal and silver scrolls.

I've made a necklace and bracelet for myself in blue lampwork beads... Blue is not a colour that I usually choose for jewellery , but I was so taken by the colour and they would really cheer up a plain black top. Te necklace is suspended beads on a wire with silver spacer beads and anchored with crimps. The first time that I have done this, and I really enjoyed the effect and the speed at which I got a professional look, so I will be doing this style again. The bracelet is on silver wire and I made the hook and eye from the same piece, so this is new for me too.
I also made Glenn a couple of bracelets from wooden beads on fine elastic, but unfortunately I did not get a photo... I dunno I have a fab gadgety phone and I keep forgetting to use it!! Also as he works on very expensive cars and the beads are quite large, its getting annoying to wear, so I'll have to go back to the drawing board for that one. Oliver and Lily collared me to make some this evening, so Oliver made his own wooden bead one and Lily threaded random beads onto wire, which I finished into a fixed bracelet for her... pictures to follow...

I've been madly knitting the blanket of many strips ready for my new sofa, which should be arriving in the next 6 weeks or so. The picture shows a red one, but mine will be a chestnut colour in buffalo hide... I'm so excited and the children have been warned not to bounce or eat on it under pain of death. The blanket will be perfect to hide under during Doctor Who episodes. Not sure what cushions to have yet... think I'll wait until it arrives. I do quite fancy making cable cushions, but something tell me I will be a bit busy on the knitting front

BEST NEWS.........

I'm going to be an Aunty!!!! Being a Mum is one thing, but I've been looking forward to being able to spoil a niece or nephew for ages!! The children are beside themselves with excitement. Lily was amazed by the scan picture and can't believe that she was that small once... Its great they will have a proper cousin to play with... yes I'm excited if you have not already guessed... and so much knitting potential!!

So where do I start... blanket... booties.... cardigan.... hat.... gloves..... socks....teddy... it just goes on. I think that I will start with a blanket.... not sure if to do a woolly one or cotton, but definitely in bright colours rather than the traditional pastels. I have from now until about Bonfire night to get into production!! However I should really finish the stripy blanket and my Roam Hoodie first or they will get completely forgotten about!!

Wow what a long post, I'm sure there is more to ramble on about... aaah yes... Carnivorous plant!! Glenn and I have babies... in the shape of Venus Flytraps and Sarachineas.. check out our blog.. its in its infancy, but I'll be painstakingly photographing and cataloguing the collection very soon!!

OK that will do me for the mo, its great to be back in the blog mood x

More blanket news

The last blanket picture did not really do it justice as it has moved on considerabley, so this is a better one that I took this morning. There is a moss stitch boarder in black then strips of different depths in any DK that I can lay my hands on. there are two strands of constrasting 4 ply in places, fluffy wool, eyelash yarn, wool & acrylic, so I'll have to be careful when it comes to washing it! I have even tried colourwork with checks and stars... which came out really well. I think that it is about three quarters of the way through, so I can't wait to see how it is going to turn out.