Wednesday, February 02, 2011

hidden bag

I made this to hold my phone and change to be hidden under a top, so that I could have all this thngs I needed while working on an exhibition stand. There was limited room to store a handbag and I wanted to keep my belongings on me. It has 2 zipped pockets and a strap so that it went over the shoulder and across the body. It worked well at the exhibition, so very pleased with it.


I've taken the quilting further and very pleased with the results
This is the quilt I made for my nephew Archie

I used YouTube clips to get the inspiration and polyester wadding, then 'stitch-in-the-ditch' techniques of sowing over the joins between the pieces. I was pleased with the results, but have learnt since then
This is the next quilt for my friend's new baby. This time I went to a proper Quilting shop for advice - Quilter's Den in Warwick. I learnt that polyester wadding is quite bulky and the Cotton type gives a finer finish. I quilted in lines across the whole quilt with variegated thread and was very impressed with the results. This quilt took a day to complete - a very intense and enjoyable day - well and truly got the bug now!!
So in my pursuit to hone my skills I have signed up for a quilting class 'Block of the Month' at the Quilter's Den - the idea is that I make a quilt inspired by this.....

Block one

I love it!