Sunday, November 21, 2010

Verdict on the silk Inkle

I woven as much as I could until one of the warps finally snapped :(

Very pleased with the outcome - I spun consistent warps with enough spin to undergo the tension required to survive (well for a while at least)

The pattern came out well and the weave was mostly consistent. I am still struggling with maintaining the tension when I move the work on but it's getting there.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Progress on Silk Inkle

I finally got the Inkle loom warped and have started to weave.... Quite staggered really!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First silk Inkle

Running on the enthusiasm from the recent Reenactment fair I have been spinning silk. The first attempts at spinning fine silk from a silk cap were very encouraging, so I bought more:- indigo, madder, weld, cochineal and logwood. I was desperate to spin them, so a couple of days later I had 4/5 colours spun.

I spun singles with the intention to weave an Inkle, so tonight was the night for warping the loom.

This is the pattern
The top row represents the warps that go through the heddles and the lower row those that are not through the heddle. I drew out a few rows to get an idea of how the braid will look.

Blue = indigo
Yellow = weld
Pink = cochineal

The loom warped up and ready....

Well nearly ready as I ran out of Indigo silk while winding the very last warp - typical! So it's spinning time tonight until I have enough for the last warp and the weft.

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