Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Roam progress

Well Roam is in full flow now. The left front is complete and the right front is at least 6 inches long. I'm going to pledge to knit at least 10 rows each night to keep the progress going. Still got the two sleeves and hood to go, but it at least feels like I'm getting there now

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Its working

Well the knitting pledge is working and progress has been made on baby blanket and Roam. I so want to finish Roam as the shape and texture are really showing through. I'm at the raglan sleeve bit now, so with the decreases ever 4 rows, it should mean that it moves faster. So which bit to do next, the other front or have a change and do a sleeve. Actually I could do the two sleeves simultaneously and get them over with.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Knitting pledge

So in an attempt to complete my projects before I start any more I have pledged to progress one of my projects by at least a couple of rows each night. I may have problems at the weekends, but I'm sure that I can make up for it in the week.

Roam Progress
Well it started tonight with 18 rows knitted on the Roam project, so now up to the armholes, so with the ragland sleeve, I should progress this quite quickly now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Projects on the go

Well I have had to limit my WIP as I have the anoying habit of starting things, but not really so good at finishing as there are so many things I want to make!!

So, whats on the needles atm then?

Finally something for me, or it will be once it is finished - a hooded cardigan in moss stich with lovely shaping and a zip - so far I've done the back and most of one of the fronts. It seems to be taking an age, but can already appreciate that it will be well worth the wait.

The sofa has arrived and so it really does need its blanket to be finished. Its getting there, as it can cover Oliver fully, but I really want it big enough so that I can snuggle under it while laid on the sofa enjoying a movie. However with the weather so hot as it is at the moment, a blanket is the last thing that I want to pick up and knit, so it may have to be sidelined until it cools down a little.

Baby Blanket
Well I have finally hit on an idea and actually cast on. I toyed with various ideas, but have decided to go with strippy as its so easy and I can add colours in at will. It have a green moss stitch boarder then blue, yellow, orange, green and purple stripes so far.

There are so many other things that I want to start like booties, and hats, but I really need to make headway on Roam and the blankets, so if I knit a little each night, even if it is only a couple of rows or so, they should make progress.

Knitting Olympics
Well I had better start planning for this soo to as it is not very far away. Rather than finishing an item I will probably allow myself to start something new. Booties are too easy as they are so quick to make, so I think it might be a little jumper or cardigan for the new little one