Monday, January 03, 2011

Hats for Finn and Archie

I did not get time to make Finn and Archie hats before Christmas, so finished them off over New Year.

Finn's hat
Sherlock Holmes style with button up flap at the front. I spun the dark green with silk for extra softness, but was not sure if I had enough, so striped it with commercially spun lime green DK Merino.

Archie's Hat
As he is newborn, he needed the softest yarn I could find. That's Alpaca, so I spun some white and brown from my stash and was very pleased with how soft and consistent it was.

The original idea was that they would have matching hats, but I could not find a pattern that I was happy with for both sizes, so designed my own version of a simple roll up beanie to show off the yarn.

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