Monday, January 03, 2011

Projects from 2010, well just some...

Christmas time is when we reflect on the year and I've had a look at previous blogs and realised that I should really do this more often. Some of the projects I blogged about I had almost forgotten and others I have actually finished!

Roam - I started this in May 2008 and put it on hold many times to work on something else more interesting. Roam is a plain hoodie that was featured on and is totally moss stitch! Yes a great idea at the time to make something casual for winter, but I never actually said which winter... Well it's finally finished and made it's first outing when we took all four children to Cornwall in the October half term. Pictures to follow

Multicoloured blanket - I think I started this about the same time as Roam... Again it got put down in favour of other more interesting or pressing projects. It's gut a full border and is FINISHED!

Proud to say that I do not gave any long term UFOs

So what else have I made?

Archie's techicolour blanket

This took almost as much brain power as actual crochet! I wanted to crochet a modern blanket using a stitch pattern that my Grandma Sweeney used to use, thus combining old and new. The yarn is Blue-Faced Leicester commercially spun as sock weight. I purchased the purple mix and rainbow mix at Yarn Gathering, which subsequently closed. It did not take long to realise that 2 skeins was not going to be enough and so the hunt for more yarn started.

On a time limit as we knew Archie was cooking, I could not take all year to find more yarn, so took the bold step to dye my own, as I has found a supplier of Blue-Faced Leicester sock yarn. A productive day later I had more yarn to work with.... And dyed lots of other yarn and fluff too!

So I had to frog the blanket as was and started again with four colourways and no fear of running out of yarn before I was happy the blanket was big enough.

Inkle weaving - practicing, but needs more. Caught the bug again at the Reenactment fairs

Nasty acrylic to practice with

Hand spun silk plyed

Handspun singles, prepared especially for this project - spun from silk caps. I was happy that I could spin fine enough, but caps are probably not the best silk to use as the threads catch when moving the sheds - more work to be done here.

On the needles....

So my current projects are:-

Christmas jumper and Cardigan for Oliver and Lily

Lily's is complete... Just needs sewing and Oliver's just has a few rows of the second sleeve, sewing and picking up the collar.

Lily's Jacob - Lily fell in love with the Spinning Guild's life size Jacob Lamb, which as a coop project where members spun and knitted bits, which were sewn together. Lily fell in love when we looked after him, so I have started one for her - so far we have 2 legs, a tail and half a side piece, so it's going to take some time, especially as I'm spinning it too!

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